About me

I am a Doctoral Student within the Science and Technology Studies programme at York University (Canada), as well as, a Graduate Research Associate at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies.

Broadly, my research is situated at the intersection of early Cold War techno-nationalism and Canadian cultural modernism. How was science and technology used as an authoritative tool to form and galvanise not only Canadian sovereignty, but also nationhood and a “distinct” identity? How did controlled optimism, anxiety, and moral outrage lead to reframed notions of modernity within the public sphere? How was Canada portrayed as a modern and “essential” nation?

Prior to pursuing doctoral studies within the department, I received an Honours Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Bioinformatics & AI) and a Master of Arts in Science and Technology Studies.


Research Interests:

  • History of Science and Technology
  • Contemporary History (Cold War)
  • Digital History / Humanities
  • Politics-patronage-science nexus
  • Techno-nationalism
  • Conceptions of Modernity
  • Atomic Cultural History and Narratives
  • Technopolitics
  • Technological Imaginaries
  • Technocriticism
  • Retrofuturism